Thursday, February 25, 2010

Outfit and new buys..

Accesories: all second hand, tshirt: topshop boutique, Jacket: Vintage,Shorts: Vintage Urban outfitters with buildt in lace, roll down socks, Wedges: Topshop

OAK A Zine issue 4 party..

Picture taken from the OAK blog

Too tired to go out tonight but off to a party tomorrow, Ty from Jeffrey Campbell shoes has kindly invited us round for drinks before more drinks at Blackout Bar.
Internet was down today and was going to do a post on yesterdays outfit + new buys, will do shortly.

Concrete Jungle...

Feeling pretty lucky to waking up to this view every morning! New york is amazing, I'm still loving it!
The snow has arrived though!! I foolishly only brought heels and none practical shoes with me, so I picked up some great boots today! $10 !! You can't go wrong!

Excuse the hotel's choice of carpet colour / pattern / grossness !!!

Wrapping up warm on the NYC subway!

Hoping the snow stops! Shopping (fingers crossed) in Brooklyn tomorrow and keeping fingers even more crossed about getting our flight back on Sunday!

Monday, February 22, 2010


So i broke my American seal... I popped my USA cork!

With 5 days in Las Vegas and 9 days in New York, it's safe to say i've dived head first into the sexual crotch of my over sea friends!

I'm loving every minute of it and it's definatly given me the taste for more!
Magic in Vegas and Coterie in New York have been amazing experiences, I can't wait to see things with work grow in the American market.
Last day of Coterie tomorrow, followed by 5 days of shopping with Brown!

Oh...and I treated myself to 3 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes today. Pure bliss.