Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home...


Baby Oliver ♥

Going home was lovely... I got to catch up with my family and friends.

I spent the Friday evening just chilling about - there's always something so more warm and cosy about being at your folks house.
Saturday I descended upon Ilkeston (horrible town that I grew up in) to do some charity shopping - one of my favourite pass times whenever I'm in a rubbish town.. it seems the worse the area, the better the charity shops! However, much to my disappointment, most of the charity shops had gone, or were 'Bristish heart foundation' or one of the other larger charity shops! They never have the good stuff available.. it's always much newer! Give me the independent, throw anything out on the shop floor charity shops any day!!
Saturday evening I ventured in to Nottingham town centre (it feels like forever since I've been) and met up with my friend Lynch - we had some food and went home. Then I watched 'Into the wild' on TV - man I love that film.
Sunday - Sunday is always Emma day! So after popping to see my dad, collecting the new quilt and pillow set he brought me and Sam for Christmas, I drove to see Emma and beautiful baby Oli (above).
Back in Bristol now - freezing cold... Clothes show coming up next week! At least we have a nice apartment to stay at this time! If you're a lover then I defiantly advise stopping by our stand, it will be full of bargain basement treats!


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