Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Le Need's Winter essential...

I think I get SAD when winter comes round - I defiantly prefer the summer... I think I'm more productive in the summer months! So the only thing to keep me going in winter is to focus about what I do love and the essentials I love to whip out my wardrobe and layer with.
As I took this photo a few friends thought they would step in and tell me their winter essentials too!
(Coat - Vintage, Shawl - H&M, Bodice - Topshop, comb over - own)
Amongst many things.. at the moment I can't get this faux fur shawl off every coat I wear! I got it from H&M for the bargain price of £9.99 and as a plus no animals were hurt during this fashion fix!! It goes with literally anything... every coat I haven't wanted to wear to a particular outing is glammed up in a second and no-one ever believes that it's not part of the coat.. and OF COURSE it's warm (like that's the bit I care about?!)
While rummaging through her Granny's belonging's (we all do it now!) Claire -Rose Elf came across this amazing over sized leather case her nan had made for her as a pyjama made by her Nans Aunt- it's such a soft leather and sits so well as an over sized clutch! Claire's teamed it with an oversized chocolate coloured vintage coat. I love the tones this time of year! YUM!
If you haven't already a MUST have item (and Kelly's too!) is the good old camel coat! Kelly 'works it' oversized tieing it in a knot at the waist! Plus you gotto love that 90's black leather bag she snatched up at the Bristol Motel store!

Need more winter essentials in my life.. sigh.. pay day... why aren't you today???


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