Thursday, December 16, 2010

Asos meal & mild insanity...

Tuesday night me and Jo went to London for a meal with Asos.
If you know me... you know I take a while to get ready.. and normally end up being a little late, however, me and Jo thought we were running late - only to find out we were actually an hour early! So we popped off for a casual glass of wine while we waited for our boss!
Then headed off to Wild Honey for a lovely 3 course meal.. with what appeared to be bottomless wine glasses!!

I think i speak for everyone in my office when i say this lovely pop up fair in millenium square Bristol.. is becoming slightly annoying! It looks nice, but boy does that 1 minute song gets on your nerves! Its all we can hear all day in our office! I can' even imagine how the people who run this fair must feel - day in and out listening to that track repeating. Gemma in the office said it felt like she had a little monkey in her head slowly sending her crazy... I couldn't of put it better myself!!

On another annoying note... my computer!! I know i thought it was cool to have a laptop i could fit in my handbag and take everywhere... but seriously!! Its slow.. I can't click on anyhing as it goes off the tiny screen and my 't' is sticky and won't always press down! Arrrggh i wish i had enough ££ for another laptop!! It's taken me like 40minutes for this tiny blog post!

Back home again to Nottingham this weekend for a pit stop family and friends,money, money... I wish i had more of you....


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