Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dead to the world... but i gotto show you my new JC's

So this is my jet lagged, hiding face because I haven't slept, showered or changed pose. I feel gross but I have literally only just got in!

So visiting New York means hanging out with our NY BFF Bridgette from Jeffrey Campbell and Fashion Like Heroin ! She of course let us loose on the sample sets and we each got to pick some gems to add to our ever growing JC collection!
I've wanted the top red underground boot since i first saw it sat at the tradeshow shelf screaming.. take me ... take me! And now she's all mine! Check out this image of the underground when it was featured in Vogue..
Then I also snatched myself up the gorgeous pixie in WHITE!! I mean I loved this shoe when it first arrived (and disappeared off the shelf's) in black, but now to have it in this pure white is amazing!! I will defiantly have to pick my location for wearing this shoe carefully!

I purchased a few treats while over there.. I'll bring you up to speed on those later.. I also got given this amazing pair of earrings from one of our lovely customers Edge of Urge she hand makes them from leather and also has loads of amazing feather ones of the site too! Check her out!
We got to keep a few samples from the show... one of the ones I'm wearing I choose - it's similar to the top I wore in one of the outfit posts, but instead its a cute little dress! I love the contrast peter pan collar!
I'm out for now!


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