Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm alive...

I've been so pants at updating this thing it's unreal.
So many posts I need to do.. maybe when I get back and have a few minutes I'll be able to do this.
So in a short run down...
- Did the Bread and Butter trade show in Berlin
- 2 weeks later i returned to Berlin with friends for a much needed time out from Bristol (pics to come)
- Then I flew to Las Vegas to show at Pool trade show - Got to see my friends over at Jeffrey Campbell shoes
- Then flew to New York, where I currently still am, showing at the Coterie show in the Jarvits centre - (Booth 10144 - if your an American reader and heading this way!)

The ginger has faded a bit - but I'm quiet liking it! I'm also trying out re-visiting the curls and to be a bit more experimental with the old Barnet.


So as soon as I get back to the UK I'm moving ship again... I'm London bound! I literally land 6am on the Thursday and come the Sunday I'm moving... 2 problems.
1. I haven't packed a thing yet
2. I haven't got anywhere to move


It's good to be back in NY and hanging out with my NY friends... maybe one day I'll get to move here! Next big move??


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