Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mac's new Wonderwoman range...

Most people who I know will tell you I ♥ Mac, I would recommend them to everyone and anyone, there's literally nothing about Mac that I don't love... The only time I'm unfaithful is when it comes to mascara, for that I use Benefit - Bad Gal.
I always love their collaborations and promotions and when I recently went on-line to spy what I wanted to buy, I just fell in love with the graphics, sound, concept and even packaging behind their new 'Wonderwoman' range, personally as far as make up goes, most is too bright for me, but it's defiantly perfect for most bright, bold and block colours next season! I may get a piece or two in to experiment with! Here's a taster of the graphics, but for the full experience head over to their website!

Another piece I'm loving wearing at the moment is either of these two colour nail varnishes!

Might not look it... but I did try something new with my eyes today... I guess camera doesn't show it too well, the flash lightens it out!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and Monday goes well!