Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My current Topshop Unique wishlist...

This is late as I know Topshop will of just shown Autumn / Winter at fashion week just gone.. but I haven't looked on Topshop for a while and there was defiantly an easy to create wish-list from the items they are currently stocking!
I'm defiantly a dark garment girl, everything black gets my attention!
I absolutely love these shoes... I'm defiantly running over to Topshop soon (if in store) to buy these babies.. I love the deep red tones of the leather that twists in to the black and shows a hint of red again within the tassel and although you can't see from this angle, Topshop Unique have again done a Dior / Fendi inspired wedge that looks as though it could be a wedge or stiletto.
Sadly I don't think my bank will stretch to buy the gorgeous lazer cut top or the tassel bag, so It will just have to go with my cheap £25 white lazer cut top and a nice vintage tassel bag! Damn it!


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