Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My name's Jenna and i live in a box...

So London didn't hit a great start but fresh day, fresh out look and I feel a little better already today, however, the flat hunt so far today was unsuccessful but as I know, everything happens for a reason and the only way from here is up!
Here's a few pictures (as best as i could - to show you the box I'm currently living...
Bed - bathroom door just behind (that's the bottom floor - yes that's it)
Living room / kitchen - if you can eve call them that - its so narrow they couldn't even fit the sofa to face the TV!!
On a good note - i found this today.. fake yes, but I was still pleased...plus it was charity shop cheap!
Lastly... I thought, since we had cherry the other day... It can be Lola's night to shine...

Back to the flat hunting drawing board..... xx


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