Thursday, April 21, 2011

MotelRocks Autumn 2011

Ohh you just wish I was showing you a sneak peak.... and so do I!!
My my at the first given opportunity, I can not wait to show you what we have got coming in for Autumn this year!!

I'm also currently working (with my 2 brothers) on the Iphone app for watch this space! Cool graphics, games, comps and the ability to buy EVERYTHING from the website, direct on your phone!! So excited for when we get to reveal to you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's outfit in Vogue Italy... oh yes Motel!


Check out the monochrome striped Motel Jordan Jeans I was wearing in today's outfit post, featured in Vogue Italy!

Buy yours HERE !

Long time no see...

It's been so long since I've been on here - Moving house was stressful and I'm only just sorted in the flat.. Its still kind of doesn't feel how I'd want it to.. I'll have to keep working on it.
Things are going good and I'm having some real fun times in London, summer has been popping its face out now and again which has cheered me up!
Glastonbury is coming again soon... It only feels two minutes since the last one! Which means my birthday is also around the corner! Hmm what to do..what to do??

The Motel office is getting there and I'm working in the office now, so I've regained some normality! Summer season is looking great (as I already knew) and I've seen some Autumn prints which I'm excited about.. Just holding out for the sample set to arrive and then I can really get excited!
Top - Motel - £42
Trousers - Motel - £52
Shoes - Topshop - £80 (sold out)
I'm really obsessed with getting a rose gold chunky watch... but can't afford this one at £200 + will someone buy it for me? OR suggest a cheaper one?