Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse found dead... RIP

The legend that is Amy Winehouse has sadly been found dead in her apartment in Camden at 4pm this afternoon.
It's only just been released and they aren't giving much away, however, they are just saying that her death is 'unexplained' by the police.
It's no secret that Amy has had a rough road with drugs through the years, it's sad that it sounds like her addiction has got the better of her and sadly forced her life to come to an early end. She cancelled her European tour earlier this year after a performance that left people shocked, quoting that she didn't seem with it and removed from reality.
More and more news channels are reporting more information, so keep your eye out for further news..
RIP Amy you made amazing music and you will not be forgotten!


Amy now joins the '27 Club'


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