Saturday, July 23, 2011


So I've been itching for a large scale tattoo for years... Always looking for inspiration and ideas and saving images in a folder. It was only recently I discovered the perfect tattooist to do it for me as I wanted to make sure I got it right!
Not being an artistic person, I would try and explain how I wanted my tattoo done, but could never relay the information properly and as soon as I saw her work, I knew she was the one who had to do it as it was exactly what I had in my mind that I couldn't write down.

Sadly she's been booked up for a year and I haven't been able to even apply for the waiting list, however, today I noticed on her facebook she was opening up the waiting list.. hooray! So I've made my application and I'm really looking for more inspiration and ideas all the time! Plus now it will give me the boost to save as it will be quiet a large piece over 3 sections of my body.

I don't like to say what the tattoo is etc as I'm always worried people won't like the idea or judge it and then it will make me doubt the ideas I've had for years, so I'd rather just go with what I've wanted and let no-one taint my view!

While looking at more inspiration today.. this little treat came up.. this has to be one of the funniest tattoos I've ever seen...


In other tattoo news... I designed the tattoo I want to get done for me Sian and Ben, we all want to get the same one and so I'm hoping they are liking my simple design and thought behind it.. I've explained it to them, but maybe I won't to you ;-)


I'm excited I'm all tattoo crazy... I need to get something booked in!


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