Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Topshop do suitcases.. expensively!!

Vintage suitcases have been around for a while now and it's not uncommon to see people travelling with them or using them as storage units in homes.

I've always had one I've kept all my belts in and when I recently moved, I discovered my new bedroom wouldn't fit my bedside table, so instead I brought a new suitcase and transferred everything from there into it.

Whenever I go into Topshop, I always head for the 'Unique' section on the Oxford Street store, mainly because it contains the most black and baggy items, which is apparently all I seem to buy now days! When i headed in yesterday Topshop had a display of wicker vintage style suitcases they had started to sell, I thought they look nice.. until I saw the price tag... £220!! Come on !! Don't be stupid why would you spend £220 on a suitcase from Topshop when you can rummage and find some great vintage suitcases at your local charity shops??


OK - so maybe mine aren't as 'pretty' but one was £3 from a charity shop and the other £40 from Camden market, but they still do the job... don't take the p@#s Topshop!


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