Friday, August 19, 2011

Vegas baby...

So I've currently landed and arrived at my hotel in Vegas... I'm staying at the Hard Rock Hotel until this Wednesday the 24th, when I'll then drive back with our US sales team, down to LA where I'll be spending a few days relaxing!

I got upgraded on the place today which was amazing! This is my last flight out to help with the US shows, so what a better way to end than with more leg room, better chairs and hot towels!?

I'm trying to push through and stay awake for a little longer, I slept quiet a bit on the plane due to the better seating, but I think I'll go get my favourite salad from downstairs before coming up for a hot shower and bed. I've brought my gym kit too... just in case of the early morning wake ups! Apart from that.. tomorrow is a day for the pool! Although Vegas will have to put up with my fat as sin their face haha. 41 degrees + tomorrow... NICE!

Here is where I'll be residing for the next few days...


And here is a chair I've been mucking about on to kill time..

Jet lagged....


Top - Motel Vintage (website coming soon)
Trousers - Motel Jordan jeans
Shoes - Cherry Red Dr Martens

Rightio - off downstairs I go... I'll report back tomorrow!