Monday, October 31, 2011

This time last year..

I was sunning it up in the Dominican Republic in a 5 star all inclusive resort!


Why didn't I book a holiday for 2011?? Oh well... big plans for 2012...!!

Halloween night out! The Lost Boys theme...

So I didn't take many photos and the only ones I did were at home.. but here you are! Happy Halloween!
We partied it out at EFE's in Dalston (east london) followed by a squat party in London Fields!
I wore:
Tights: Henry Holland - Mock Stock
Skirt: Topshop
Bodice: Topshop
Crop top: Motelrocks
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I now have these ready for tomorrow night...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhianna's new video 'We Found Love' Outfit

So I like mainly old Rhianna's old music, but I can't deny the girl always brings out records you can't help but want to listen or dance too.

Her latest song and video 'We found love' has been causing a stir in the press due to the reaction one of Rhinna's outfits got with a farmer while filing in Ireland, but after the release of the video, all I want to know is where she got them from?!

One outfit I do know is the following:


Rhianna is seen here in a denim skirt and bustier from Jeremy Scott's Spring 2012 collection.

The other part to this outfit is Rhiannas ring piece. This is made by a lady called Jules and her company is Bijules. I met Jules Earlier this year in NYC and she is such an interesting lady and creates the most amazing pieces. I'm spending a lot of money and putting in a personal order for a few pieces myself... I look forward to getting these made and showing you them! Watch this space!

For now if you want Rhiannas look...


Heard over to and check out her Galcons collection to get your set!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Earring solution for stretched ear lobes

If like me, you've acted on impulse a lot in your life, you may find yourself with several piercings you wish you never had, along with some tattoos along the way and potentially even stretched ear lobes..


I remember getting mine done.. I was going to see an ex and had always talked about having them done with him, so I thought I'd be clever and go and have them punched from 0mm to 8mm in one go - this is the biggest they'd let me have. They say 10mm is the biggest you can go without there being any chance of going back but of course I didn't stop there, over a number of years I went up to 22mm ripping and pulling my ears haha and today I have tried to shrink my ears back down but have anaged to get to 14mm, but they are still a little loose. So many girls I see with amazing earings and I wish I could wear them too - so I came up with a simple solution.. fixing flat vintage earings to flesh tunnell plugs!
I've made my first pair, and although I only ever wear one, I'm pretty happy with it!


I'm going to keep sourcing out suitable flat backed earings to make into these and I may even sell some in Shop Le Need!

Watch this space... xxx

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Post

Today's outfit...


I got this cool new necklace from Urban Outfitters - quiet suited since me, Sian and Ben call ourselves the 'Power Triangle'
We've since found out that apparently triangle are a big 'scene' thing right now, we're trying to not let this put us off as we've had this for so many years, we think it surpasses what they use it for!


Motel - Jumper
Motel - Vest
(mines actually black but its sold out!)
Motel - Crop top
Shoes - Topshop

Don't forget you can buy anything from Motel with my 20% discount at the side of my blog...

I've gone Motel crazy today! I love Motel... there's no denying that, but sometimes you feel you've already worn it a thousand times with your eyes, because you are selling it so far in advance before it comes out!

I went on a shopping spree this month...whoops! But on a positive note I'm on a get fit and healthy plan! I've re-started dance classes and I've been attending classes at my local gym too! I'm hoping that by New year I'll have the body I'm after ready for a fresh year.
WOW Can't believe we're so far on in this year, I know everyone always complains how fast it goes, but to record this has been my fastest year. So many changes. So many cool things.

Think I'll have to have a year run down like I used to on my LiveJournal at the end of the year!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Shop Le Need ... open for business...

So I have started to put products on 'Shop Le Need' some things are already selling, so if you are interested, email me on - payments are accepted by paypal!

Most shipping is - £1.70 for 1 item unrecorded (dress, top or standard piece of clothing weight)
OR - £2.50 for 1 item recorded delivery
Heavier or multipul items will need to be quoted for

Happy shopping! And keep checking back for more items!



Marlies Dekkers

I'm tottally in love Marlies Dekkers and the amazing underwear collection she produces!

Taking underwear as outwear to the max - this woman gives ladies a reason to bare all and seduce the man!
Marlies Dekkers has changed the lingerie world for good! It’s her mission to share her philosophy with as many women around the world as possible. Marlies sees the female body as her canvas; with the famous play with lines in her designs the female body parts are accentuated.

Check out my top 3 ranges from this fall 2011 collection!




Now for those of you (like me) who can't afford to splurge on underwear (even though we should) - you'll be pleased to know you can catch flash sales on BRAND ALLEY once in a while, with older Marlies Dekker stock, going for as little as £10! hurrah!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Instagram me up!

Ok so now days I have a serious lack of posting... again I know! I've been really focusing on a lot of things... but while I sort myself out, you can regularly and easily follow me on instagram! I'm always updating on the move... I wish blogging was this easy! Find and follow me... my user name is LeNeed

You can also see my updates down the side of this blog, should you not be able to get the app!