Saturday, October 22, 2011

Earring solution for stretched ear lobes

If like me, you've acted on impulse a lot in your life, you may find yourself with several piercings you wish you never had, along with some tattoos along the way and potentially even stretched ear lobes..


I remember getting mine done.. I was going to see an ex and had always talked about having them done with him, so I thought I'd be clever and go and have them punched from 0mm to 8mm in one go - this is the biggest they'd let me have. They say 10mm is the biggest you can go without there being any chance of going back but of course I didn't stop there, over a number of years I went up to 22mm ripping and pulling my ears haha and today I have tried to shrink my ears back down but have anaged to get to 14mm, but they are still a little loose. So many girls I see with amazing earings and I wish I could wear them too - so I came up with a simple solution.. fixing flat vintage earings to flesh tunnell plugs!
I've made my first pair, and although I only ever wear one, I'm pretty happy with it!


I'm going to keep sourcing out suitable flat backed earings to make into these and I may even sell some in Shop Le Need!

Watch this space... xxx


  1. I can see it the pics now! Where did you get the earrings from? Kasha has some just like them. Love them! xx

  2. The one and only Motel store on park street :)