Monday, October 10, 2011

Marlies Dekkers

I'm tottally in love Marlies Dekkers and the amazing underwear collection she produces!

Taking underwear as outwear to the max - this woman gives ladies a reason to bare all and seduce the man!
Marlies Dekkers has changed the lingerie world for good! It’s her mission to share her philosophy with as many women around the world as possible. Marlies sees the female body as her canvas; with the famous play with lines in her designs the female body parts are accentuated.

Check out my top 3 ranges from this fall 2011 collection!




Now for those of you (like me) who can't afford to splurge on underwear (even though we should) - you'll be pleased to know you can catch flash sales on BRAND ALLEY once in a while, with older Marlies Dekker stock, going for as little as £10! hurrah!!


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