Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Post

Today's outfit...


I got this cool new necklace from Urban Outfitters - quiet suited since me, Sian and Ben call ourselves the 'Power Triangle'
We've since found out that apparently triangle are a big 'scene' thing right now, we're trying to not let this put us off as we've had this for so many years, we think it surpasses what they use it for!


Motel - Jumper
Motel - Vest
(mines actually black but its sold out!)
Motel - Crop top
Shoes - Topshop

Don't forget you can buy anything from Motel with my 20% discount at the side of my blog...

I've gone Motel crazy today! I love Motel... there's no denying that, but sometimes you feel you've already worn it a thousand times with your eyes, because you are selling it so far in advance before it comes out!

I went on a shopping spree this month...whoops! But on a positive note I'm on a get fit and healthy plan! I've re-started dance classes and I've been attending classes at my local gym too! I'm hoping that by New year I'll have the body I'm after ready for a fresh year.
WOW Can't believe we're so far on in this year, I know everyone always complains how fast it goes, but to record this has been my fastest year. So many changes. So many cool things.

Think I'll have to have a year run down like I used to on my LiveJournal at the end of the year!