Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhianna's new video 'We Found Love' Outfit

So I like mainly old Rhianna's old music, but I can't deny the girl always brings out records you can't help but want to listen or dance too.

Her latest song and video 'We found love' has been causing a stir in the press due to the reaction one of Rhinna's outfits got with a farmer while filing in Ireland, but after the release of the video, all I want to know is where she got them from?!

One outfit I do know is the following:


Rhianna is seen here in a denim skirt and bustier from Jeremy Scott's Spring 2012 collection.

The other part to this outfit is Rhiannas ring piece. This is made by a lady called Jules and her company is Bijules. I met Jules Earlier this year in NYC and she is such an interesting lady and creates the most amazing pieces. I'm spending a lot of money and putting in a personal order for a few pieces myself... I look forward to getting these made and showing you them! Watch this space!

For now if you want Rhiannas look...


Heard over to and check out her Galcons collection to get your set!


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