Thursday, December 15, 2011

Poor man's version of the Maison Martin Margiel Rings

So If you remember I blogged about the Maison Martin Margiel rings I wanted before, but simply couldn't afford. So I found a lady selling these stainless steel versions that were similar! Unfortunately there was only the one set and they are a solid ring so not adjustable and as a result they are ever so slightly to small for my now i need to sell! Anyway.. Thought I'd show you lovely lot anyway! Really annoyed they don't fit! A friend of a friend who is a jewellery maker is going to have a good at making my something in silver that similar so I'm quiet excited about that!


Also check out this Staple shirt I picked up a few weeks ago at a showroom sample sale! It never creases or gets hairs stuck to it... I'm in love! Photobucket
(I'm wearing a Motel Salvita Bralet underneath)

I also got a confirmation of a date for my tattoo the other day! 17th Feb...for one whole day! This going to be a lot of pain!! I'm project inspiration now!



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