Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Money - selling Jones & Jones Cream pleated trench coat

I am over due a post...have such received a Valentines special watch this space as I'll be reviewing over next couple of days after I have tested the products!

For now I have another Ebay sale.. this time a good as brand new cream Jones & jones coat you remember from a while ago!
I have worn this coat only a couple of times and so is in perfect condition and is amazing quality! Its £90 new so go and save yourself some money!!

God it already looks weird to look at my hair like that!! 

I've been naughty and brought lost of new bits recently... I always want to update as soon as I have them, but getting a photo is harder as a. I'm not great with the camera and b. I dont have a hot photography boyfriend to help me...booo!

Watch this space


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