Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sole Affair - New addiction

December has been a seriously good month for me picking up some amazing new items of clothing! From sample sales to cheeky treats, i feel like i've given myself an end of year boost :) can't wait to get the chance to show you all!

One of my greatest finds recently is a shoe website called Sole Affair - They have some seriously amazing shoes at some awesome prices!
If you're like me and have a bit of shoe addiction, even 2 black boots are never the same, shopping for footwear is hard task and can be an endless heavy expenses.. until now!
I literally can't believe the amazing prices attached to all their shoes - these babies were only £24.95 and you can find them HERE.
It's also tracked 48 hour shipping for FREE!

Seriously i have too many on my want list right now. Like i'm dying to get myself THESE amongst many others. I think i have literally died and gone to shoe heaven!

Head over to their web store and have a look for yourself i can almost guarantee there is something for everyone :)


Hat - Topshop
Necklace / Jewellery - LeNeed
Jacket - Mink Pink
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Sole Affair
Bag - Topshop

Love LeNeed xxx

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Anniversary to my Carlos Costa!!

Today is the anniversary of me and my soul mate mr Carlos Costa!
We've had a beautiful day in Swanage and Corfe Castle and any day by his side for me is the best.
I love you with every fibre / particle / being that is within me.
Forever and always

Love LeNeed xx

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beara Beara

I recently discovered and fell in love with Beara Beara bags! If you haven't heard of them already i have a sneaky suspicion you are about to as well!
On our recent visit to Bali my boyfriend and I were taken back by the unseen skill and craftsmanship of goods out there...it gave us an itch to want to bring some of this produce back into the UK market and that is exactly the same way the founder of Beara Beara felt when she began living in Bolivia and thats how their story began....
Each bag has a unique aguayos print which has been loving hand made from a technique passed down through generations and each one is distinctive for the region it was made in. Not only do i love the look of these bags, but i love the story and I love the encouragement of employment for the area and what it gives back.
It was hard choosing which bag to get but i went for the Juan Handbag in black 

Hat - Topshop
Blazer - The Kooples
Top - Motel
Jeans - River Island

Love LeNeed xx

Bandit Brand

Bandit Brand - vintage t-shirt company made in the USA
These girls are cool as shit - they have their own amazing tshirt line and run their own festival called 'Bandit Town'
You can check both out HERE
They are the Bandit Brand Badass Bitches!!
A massive on my want list right now!

Love LeNeed

Monday, October 20, 2014

Motel's Gabby Dress - How do you wear yours?

The other week i was asked by Motel to wear and style one of their most popular dresses the 'Gabby Dress' in preparation for the party season!

Hat - Topshop
Cape blazer - Nasty Gal
Necklace - Shop LeNeed

Keep an eye out for my outfit being posted on the motelrocks.com website!

Love LeNeed

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Devils Touch..

You'll have to excuse my blog tardiness on entries for a little while.. i don't want to keep repeating this so i promise this will be the last time i say it! Lifes been pretty crazy busy up till now and i'm working out a life / work balance which isn't quiet there yet so until i get that sorted i guess posts will be random and scattered!

I've just returned from the most amazing trip away with my beau in Bali and i'm currently suffering with the back to work blues teamed with that always giving jet lag!
Our first weekend back and we didn't quiet know what to do with ourselves but as Carlos and I go for lunch we get a call from a friend who is bringing another travelling friend over to Brixton for a coffee and so as we return from our trip, we make a friend who is just starting out on his.

Jeremiah owner of www.thebeardedbastard.com is currently on an adventure across Europe and we were lucky enough to meet this lovely gentlemen during his stop in London! Although we didn't know Jeremiah before this weekend, as he creates some mighty fine scented beard oils, Carlos was keen to meet him as a regular user of his products!
Carlos and I have met some amazing and interesting people through the power of social media, Instagram and this beard craze, some we are grateful to be able to call good friends now! Jerimiah is no exception and we're looking forward to hopefully catching up with him again when he is back over in the UK later this year.

During his whistle stop visit in London Jeremiah asked us if we'd take part in his 'Devils Touch Series' which of course we agreed to! You can check out all Jeremiah's pictures, adventures and what its all about on his facebook page HERE and his Instagram HERE.

For now check out the images that were taken of Carlos and myself. Im not really used to being in front of the camera in this way but i really love the way this finished edited pictures look!!

Be sure to follow his work!!

Love Le Need xx

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 2 Vegas

So i'm just about getting over my jet lag! It sucks as it restricts doing anything in the evening as a couple of glasses of red wine and food and I'm out!
Good thing is i'm staying in The Hotel at the Mandalay bay so i have a killer suite with a bath tube for a party of 10 and a separate living room so spending the evening back at the room has hardly been a chore!
Motel has recently start showing at the ENK show in Vegas and so its been great to be amongst lots of new brands and catch up with the regular faces that i always get to see at the show.

Today i've been heavily wearing Bloody Mary Metal (I'm absolutely addicted to this jewellery brand and the lovely owner) rings and necklace and teamed it with the easy Motel Chiko Wrap Dress in black. I love this dress and dare to bare with no bra and a bit of boob tape! I've naturally teamed it with my Topshop fedora hat (I need to get away from this hat).

Meet Sammi! She works in our LA office!

I'm now having a quick rest before heading out for some Sushi with some of the buyers from ASOS although i'm feeling better i'm sure this night will go the same...food, wine....BED.
Peace our you beautiful babes

Love LeNeed

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Viva Las Vegas....

So every year for around the last four years 4 years i've attended the trade show in vegas...i've finally arrive for my 9th show after a 3 hour delay and a lot of red wine, it now 3.10am and i'm still not asleep. Damn i hate yet lag!
I'll be at ENK show in the Mandaly Bay with Motel showcasing a Christmas / transitional spring collection on top of the amazing swim and beachwear collection we've landed (you're going to love it!) so expect lots of previews and antics while i'm here!

Love LeNeed xx

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm back...

Well..almost... Bear with me while i sort out my blog look and skills and i'm starting this back up!!
For now you can keep following me on:
Instgraam: Leneed
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