Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Devils Touch..

You'll have to excuse my blog tardiness on entries for a little while.. i don't want to keep repeating this so i promise this will be the last time i say it! Lifes been pretty crazy busy up till now and i'm working out a life / work balance which isn't quiet there yet so until i get that sorted i guess posts will be random and scattered!

I've just returned from the most amazing trip away with my beau in Bali and i'm currently suffering with the back to work blues teamed with that always giving jet lag!
Our first weekend back and we didn't quiet know what to do with ourselves but as Carlos and I go for lunch we get a call from a friend who is bringing another travelling friend over to Brixton for a coffee and so as we return from our trip, we make a friend who is just starting out on his.

Jeremiah owner of www.thebeardedbastard.com is currently on an adventure across Europe and we were lucky enough to meet this lovely gentlemen during his stop in London! Although we didn't know Jeremiah before this weekend, as he creates some mighty fine scented beard oils, Carlos was keen to meet him as a regular user of his products!
Carlos and I have met some amazing and interesting people through the power of social media, Instagram and this beard craze, some we are grateful to be able to call good friends now! Jerimiah is no exception and we're looking forward to hopefully catching up with him again when he is back over in the UK later this year.

During his whistle stop visit in London Jeremiah asked us if we'd take part in his 'Devils Touch Series' which of course we agreed to! You can check out all Jeremiah's pictures, adventures and what its all about on his facebook page HERE and his Instagram HERE.

For now check out the images that were taken of Carlos and myself. Im not really used to being in front of the camera in this way but i really love the way this finished edited pictures look!!

Be sure to follow his work!!

Love Le Need xx