Saturday, January 10, 2015


Secondly....WE GOT ENGAGED!!

I'm such a happy bunny floating on cloud 9 right now! Me and Carlos took a trip to Isle of Wight for New Years eve...i'm not sure why but I went there as my final school trip as a kid and because lives in Bournemouth we regularly go for walks and you can see the isle of wright from where we go, so we thought why not? Now its turned out to be a super special place for me <3

We headed over on actual new years eve and arrived at our cute little house and got ready, we'd booked a little table around the corner from where we were staying at a place called The Coast
As we both don't go out we thought we' make an effort and get dressed up for our dinner occasion..little did i know Mr Costa was making an effort to make it a special evening!

It was a really cute proposal and it was subtly and quietly done across the dinner table. He'd originally gone to the bathroom to come back and be able to get down on one knee but the pesky waitress obviously had other ideas and had split a table next to us to house two couples and so they basically took up any personal space we had around us. As i'd had a few wines i got a bit giggly when it all happened and so in the grand scheme i think it was a blessing as I may of got stage fright if too much of scene had been caused. In stead it was lovely, personal and our moment. He also did really well and got me a vintage opal and diamond ring! I'm not really a fancy ring kind of gal but this is just perfect and it looks perfect with everything i wear <3

I immediately ran home to ring all the family to tell them the good news and everyone was over the moon! I can't wait now to get planning to become Mrs Costa !!

Love you forever and always