Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Engagement ring

As you know on new years eve i had the most magical and exciting thing happen to me. My love asked me to marry him and (of course) i said yes!
Like a lot of men Carlos got my ring size wrong, but it wasn't a problem, we found it funny and i was just over the moon he'd put so much thoughtful effort in getting me a beautiful engagement ring with opal (one of my favs) and diamonds on it. I was just so keen to get it altered to fit me so i didn't want to risk loosing it!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

50% off on


So I havent posted much about my jewellery website on here....but for those of you who don't know i also run a little jewellery website
I started the site for fun and as a side project. When i came across all this amazing jewellery that i just had to share with you! I wasn't able to get so much of it anywhere else and i thought other girls must feel the same way! If you are a festival loving, spiritual, free spirit kinda gal with a love for vintage and ethnic style pieces you are just going to love what you see! I wear all the pieces that i stock, its sometimes hard to remember i can't keep everything!!

Head over to the store take a peek and use that discount code to get yourself some new treats!