Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Engagement ring

As you know on new years eve i had the most magical and exciting thing happen to me. My love asked me to marry him and (of course) i said yes!
Like a lot of men Carlos got my ring size wrong, but it wasn't a problem, we found it funny and i was just over the moon he'd put so much thoughtful effort in getting me a beautiful engagement ring with opal (one of my favs) and diamonds on it. I was just so keen to get it altered to fit me so i didn't want to risk loosing it!

So literally the day we got back i rushed straight to the jewellers to get it altered. I also wear a lot of silver jewellery and so Carlos had spoken to the guy when he got it about making it rhodium plated on the setting to give that classic platinum and gold look which he agreed he'd be happy to do.

Basically to cut a long story short from that point onwards this jeweller (who i will keep anonymous) managed to ruin the ring physically and insult us on many levels, it completely ruined it for us. We tried to remain positive about everything until the final straw was after he has already damaged the decoration on the ring, he also damaged the setting and the stone one day fell out while i was at work, luckily i managed to find it on the floor but at that point enough was enough we didnt want a ring where the stone could fall out and be lost at any point and he agreed to give us a full refund for the ring.
Taking the ring back was such a hard day for me, i imagined Carlos hunting it down, picking it out especially for me and proudly hiding it away until new years eve and it broke my heart to have to give it back to a heartless jeweller who clearly didnt understand customer service or the importance of an engagement ring.

We decided to move on and create new happy memories looking for a ring together and we spent fun days searching new antique jewellers and looking online.

I remember years ago when i lived in Wales (im talking literally 10 years ago) i was having one of those girly moments where you look for what your ideal engagement ring would be and i came across this £15,000 filigree ring. It was amazing and of course i saved it... i mean this was my dream engagement ring and i didnt even have a boyfriend at the time.. so i wasn't going to put a value limit on it ;)
Then one of our search days i'd also pulled on board a few friends to help me search, i hadnt realised what a tough job looking for your own ring would be, hats off to all he men that do it as i couldnt even decided in my own mind what i wanted, how the hell had Carlos made it and got a ring so perfect?! It broke my heart again thinking of my ring i'd already had to give back. Feeling a little down we stopped for a cream tea and a chat when i was telling the girls about what i thought my ideal ring would be. Just then my friend was like... "why don't you try this ring on, my grandma gave me and my sisters one each when we were little" and she hands me a lovely filigree style ring that she wore around her neck as it was too small for her fingers and suddenly my memories of the ring that i once found came flooding back to me and i knew what i had to look for!

A few weeks later and me and Carlos are searching the world wide web and i come across this beauty which had an element of everything i had loved about any ring i had seen up until this point. It was the colour, the stones, the shape...everything we both just loved it.
I had to order it from America as it was a much more typically American 1910 - 1930's ring but it was so unusual and looked to be in such good condition i was just so happy that i'd finally soon have a ring back on my finger so i could once again show off that i am a proud Mrs C to be <3

So here it is... i thought i'd show you all some more pictures and just explain why you might notice i'm wearing a different engagement ring to the once i initially showed to you.

The seller was so lovely and even showed me a wedding band she can send me to go with it and it just made me so excited...its everything i could of hoped for and more. I just wish that nasty man at the first jewellers hadn't made the initial experience such an uncomfortable one.

Love LeNeed xxx


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