Monday, May 11, 2015

Gary Marshall Photography

Yesterday I had fun shooting with Carlos for a workshop Gary Marshall was holding over in east London called DARE.
We had a mutual friend who suggested we might like to do it and although i don't mind the odd picture here and there by Carlos or someone i know, this was kind of stepping outside my comfort zone! Esp with such a seasoned pro as a fiance next to me!! But when it was suggested to us i took a look at Gary's website and just loved his style and really wanted to give it a go!
There were about 12 people attending the workshop and we arrived at 3pm and got straight into it (the class was all day though). First Gary would take some shots with us and talk everyone through what he was doing and then each member of the class got two minutes with us to take photos and direct how they would like us to be.. it felt like speed dating for photographers! Everyone was super lovely and made me feel totally at ease and although i always worry about shooting with Carlos because he's so good, it was actually being with him that always makes it a million times easier, whenever i get stressed i always need him to be my calm rock!
Because we helped out on the day we get a full set of the images taken by Gary sent to us plus if the workshop attendants send it, we get to have some of their images too. Gary sent us two images straight away yesterday evening and now im so excited to see the rest!
Heres a little taster....


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