Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shhhhh ....My Motel Picks

So this is a bit of teaser of whats to come and i'm not entirely sure if i should be leaking this information but im too damn excited not too!

As you may or may not know i run the international wholesale side of the Motel business which means (in a very short terms and by no way explains what i do in full!) i deal with all the agents / distributors worldwide, all the major account in the UK and then any other customers in areas we don't have an agent.
As part of this i am involved in the talks about upcoming seasons, what we need to sell and naturally i get to unpack all the samples first to sell worldwide before you ladies see them live on the website.
I've been with Motel for 8 years now (part of the furniture) and I love the part of getting all the new samples the most and so i thought i'd share with you some of my favourites from within what i'm currently selling!
These items won't be available on until July / August and our internal team hasn't done the buy yet (we don't buy everything we make) so shout up if you like anything so much you want to be able to buy it in a few months time!

Kamile Dress - Hendrix

Paulo Pantsuit - Hendrix

Himawa Dress - Poppy Seed

Olla Skirt & Tango Tee - Cactus

Tango Tee - Cactus

Kato Long Kimono - Pencil Stripe

I'll make all the items link to the garments if and when they go online!

Love LeNeed