Saturday, August 29, 2015


As i mentioned in my earlier posts (and you may have caught some snaps on my instagram), during our time in Portugal we would be passing through a couple of locations where we wouldn't have any friends and family to stay with and so we needed to find a location to rest our heads.
We looked around at various hotels but travelling with Bionda we wanted a bit more flexibility on where we stayed and having a bit more space. We decided to look into Air BNB.

I used it a few times a while ago but never on a holiday adventure and I was excited to see what we could find, we both follow Air BNB on Instagram and some of the locations you see through there are incredible. The thing we liked most about using Air BNB was that you can choose how much you want to spend on your stay. It can suit all types from a single traveller looking to meet people on a pit stop and therefore using a private room in a shared house to a large family wanting a room for everyone! The filter function on the website means you can dictate area, price, room type and what elements are must have (e.g dishwasher and wifi etc).

We used Air BNB to stay in Porto and in Lisbon and the choice was great. We decided to get somewhere that was easy for us to walk into town and somewhere we could park the car. Since we were only there for a short time we wanted to ensure we would have to do a lot of travelling when we arrived to get to the places we needed to go. It also meant we could cook our own breakfast and eat

Take a look at the two locations we choose for our stay.



All in all we were really happy with our Air BNB finds and having a home from home made travelling life much easier for us. We will definitely be using them again on our next adventures, in fact the Air BNB locations might influence where we next travel!

Love LeNeed xx

Sunday, August 23, 2015


After 2 nights in Porto and feeling a little more confident in the car we set the sat nav to Seia (in serra da estrela). This is where Carlos is originally from and a part i was most excited to visit. I'd heard great stories about him growing up here and the beautiful scenery it contains. They actually have the two very extreme seasons here with boiling hot summers and in the winter it turns into a ski resort!

Although his mum now lives in Germany we stayed at her flat which is the place which Carlos grew up, i always love visiting peoples houses where they grew up and thinking of the memories they hold.

Please enjoy this picture of Carlos and his brother when they were younger...

We saw some amazing sites but most of the time here we spent hanging out with Carlos' friends and family <3

Here again is what we go up to in picture form...

We took a visit to the local former power house which has now been converted into a museum. Of course everything was written in Portuguese but through some stages we had a guide and they can also give you a audio guide to help translate the different sections of the museum although it always seemed to be longer in Portuguese than what i listened to in English.
There was a great section upstairs for the kids where they got to play with making electricity in different forms and doing experiments. Carlos' daughter Bionda enjoyed this section the most.

After the museum we went for a short walk around the back to a river 

Then we found a small home run restaurant and got some grub!

More walks and view points... Here i am wearing a topshop orange dress and this long crochet waistcoat which i found in TK Maxx

We spent a lot of time at a friends bar play pool, darts and catching up with all Carlos' old friends.

This is one of the lagoons we visited. I couldn't get over how crystal clear the water was!

Here i am wearing a vintage dress i picked up from an awesome market in Bali

We visited the highest point in Seia. Here it was strange as i was dying of the heat but could see the none used ski cars!

There were the cutest dogs for sale which i just wanted to take. They are a local bread of the Estrela mountain dog (this is the dog Carlos really wants).

Always attracted to animals!

This is another lagoon we visited and spent the afternoon chilling and bathing... I actually posted this above picture on my Instagram account to ask you about your fears. This picture was me realising their were little fish in the water and i bombed it out.
I used to love the water and never had a fear but somewhere along the line of mw growing up I've developed a fear of the sea (and most water spots), fish, seaweed and all things that are contained within. I can't remember a single ever that made this happen or why but the thought of getting in the water and touching things with my feet or not knowing what is under me just gives me the creeps. I'm really trying to get past it but in small steps, i have some jelly shoes i wear in the water so im not always bear footed and i just go in the water little bit by bit but it made me ask the question... Do you have any strange fears that have developed as you got older?
I'm also wearing the Motel Baba bikini top in black

Carlos' friend took us to the most amazing view point. When we got there we found this man peacefully sat there playing his ukulele, he had the best spot ive ever seen to play to himself and practice. This is the kind of place i wish i had on my doorstep to sit and take in every day.

They have their own cheese made there which is a really strong tasting cheese which is named by the area ' Serra da estrela' it can be a soft or hard cheese depending when you eat it during its maturing process.

Enjoying some local shopping! (any excuse )

One more sunset view point where we did some cool pictures. I love a good silhouette shot!

Next stop is Lisbon....

Love LeNeed (and Carlos)