Friday, November 20, 2015

Going grunge..

I'm the youngest of the three siblings and the two older than me are boys so growing up I was never really a girly girl. I think as i have got older I've put a more feminine touch to my look but I've always struggled with certain colours and patterns etc and i think this comes down to my grunge / 'gothy' days.
I'm 28 now so although i was born in the 80's i grew up in the 90's I loved going to rock club nights, aspiring to be as rock and roll as Courtney love, wanting the wardrobe of the girls from 'The craft' and the attitude of Robin Tunney (Debra) from Empire records. It's in my blood and i think these fashion roots have stayed with me (hence i'm always wear black and grey!)
Yes. I was one of those kids hanging out on the town square wearing black baggy jeans and a Nirvana hoody - I think whatever town you come from everyone has the area those types of kids hang out...right?

I go for a slightly more tailored grunge look now days and so when i teamed up with New Look to create my own look from their GRUNGE page, making my selection was easy!

The first thing i couldn't resist was these black tasselled, leather studded boots. I mean they have everything right there that you need to complete your grunge look! I can't tell you how comfortable they are either... putting them on was like slipping my foot into a little padded heaven and considering i've really splurged on expensive boots in my time these are amazing for the price and way more comfy than some of my high end ones!
In addition to that i decided to get a sheer light grey shirt. Its a nice longer dipped hem length which i love (always love covering up my bum!) and its not too sheer but flows great theres no stiffness to it. I was a bit cheeky and left quiet a few buttons undone and because i decided on a lighter version I teamed it with an extra strappy bra that is exposed slightly through the fabric and the un-done buttons.

This is like the perfect every day no effort outfit for me. Apart from i'd like slightly less wind than the day i took these photos!
Here is where you can find the items i'm wearing..


Let me know how you wear your grunge!

Love LeNeed